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Cold Salad Packaging

Packaging cold salads comes with it’s own set of challenges.  Whether it’s fruit salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, potato salad, vegetable salad, cole slaw, or something entirely different, every product needs to be treated in unique ways to maximize shelf-life and shelf-appeal.  Cold salad packaging might seem straight forward but there are many layers throughout the container and lidding film selection process, especially when considering processing like HPP (High Pressure Processing), or MAP (modified atmosphere packaging).  There is no one great packaging solution for all types of cold salad products.  That is where the expertise of Teinnovations is key.

Our process starts with truly understanding your product, your application, and where you want to take your product. We think through the critical questions to ask so that you don’t have to. We help and guide you through the “what” and the “why” of your packaging selection, what it will look like, how to get the best shelf life, and how to ensure your film and container combination is the most cost effective, efficient and yields the best level of performance.

With over 30 years of experience in food and food packaging, we at Teinnovations pride ourselves in client education and being your go-to partner for tailor-made packaging solutions. Our continuous research and data testing ensure we have the best packaging solutions for your product. We have a nimble company structure and a diverse portfolio of partners granting us access to unique products, flexible delivery timelines, and the best price.

Simply put, our customer intimacy extends us past the realm of being just a product catalog. We know the complexities of cold salad packaging, what is needed for an effective process, and how to get you there.

Cold Salad Packaging: Things to Consider

  • What shelf life is needed?
  • Who are you selling your cold salads to?
  • How are your products being distributed?
  • Where will this product ultimately be sold? Local coffee shops. grocers, gas stations?
  • What processing the salads will be subjected to (HPP, MAP, thermal processing etc.)
  • Does it need to be refrigerated or frozen?
  • What type of labeling and marketing does the container need?
  • How clear should the film be? How visible should the product be?  Is anti-fog film needed?
  • What are your plans for growth and expansion?
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