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Pouches are an increasingly popular alternative to using cans or glass jars to package products.  Common examples of products packed in pouches often include dry foods such as pet food, nuts, and candy.  However, there is a wide range of uses for pouches. There are several components to think about when considering pouches. That’s where the expertise of Teinnovations is key.

Our process starts with truly learning your product and where you want to take it. We know what questions to ask so that you don’t have to. We help and guide you as to why you want to use a particular pouch material, what it will look like, , how to get the best shelf life, and how to package a product that is cost effective, efficient and has the overall best level of performance.

With over 30 years of experience, we at Teinnovations pride ourselves in client education and being your go to partner for tailor-made solutions. Our continuous research and data testing ensure we have the best packaging solutions. We have a nimble company structure and a varied portfolio of partners granting us access to unique products, flexible delivery timelines, and the best price.

Simply put, our customer intimacy extends us past the realm of being just a product catalog. We know the ins and outs of pouches, what is needed for an effective process, and how to get you there.


Pouches: Things to Consider

Pros to using pouches:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • More flexible for packaging and shelving
  • Similar labeling and marketing options as traditional cans and jars
  • Consistent with emerging eCommerce and sustainability trends
  • High barrier or breathable functionality can be designed into the package.

Cons when using pouches:

  • Glass and cans are more recyclable than modern pouches
  • Glass has inherently good barrier properties, to match the performance with pouches a barrier layer needs to be added.
  • Glass containers are typically associated with top of the line products. Consider your demographics

There have been many recent improvements to pouches and there are some options available that are more reusable and biodegradable.  Teinnovations stays on top of innovations in packaging technology and industry trends to ensure that we always provide you with the best solutions.

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