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Plastarch Material (PSM)

What is PSM?

Plastarch Material (PSM for short) is a resin made from corn starch designed suppliment or even replace conventional petroleum based plastic. Years of research in pursuit of bio-based and compostable alternatives to traditional plastics has lead to the development of a process that converts corn starch successfully into a material which displays plastic characteristics. In addition to a high percentage of corn starch´╝îPSM contains several additional natural modifying agents, providing a variety of resin options including the bio-based HL-100 series and compostable HL-300 series. The HL-100 series resins can provide all the properties of a traditional resins with the benefits found by blending in renewable resources. While the HL-100 resins are not fully biodegradable or compostable, they do offer a high bio-based content. HL-300 series resins are perfect for applications where the finish product is intended to be composted. HL-300 series resins are fully compliant with EN13432 and ASTM D6400 compostability standards.

PSM resins are ideal for a wide variety of applications including food packaging (even microwavable containers), industrial packaging, medical products and disposable items. The high heat tolerance and other superior manufacturing characteristics make it a great fit for many thermoforming, injection molding, blown film, and foaming applications. For applications where commercial composting is the preferred end of life option, then HL-300 resin are ideal


The PSM Advantage

PSM offers many advantages over conventional petroleum based plastics and alternative manufacturing materials.

Item Traditional Petroleum-based Plastics PSM Bio-based Materials (HL-100 series) PSM Biodegradable Materials (HL-300 series)
Source of Raw Material Non-renewable resources Partially renewable resources Substantially renewable resources
Temperature Tolerance High High High
Compostability Non-compostable Non-compostable Fully Compostable
Combustability Harmful gas emissions Safe Combustion Safe Combustion
Price point Competitive Competitive Higher
Price stability Fluctuates with price of crude oil Stable Continues to fall


PSM Raw Material for Manufacturing

PSM Granular Resin

Bio-based Resin

  • HL-101 Blown Film formulation
  • HL-102 Extrusion/Sheet formulation
  • HL-103 Injection mold grade
  • HL-104 Foaming grade

Biodegradable/Compostable Resin

  • HL-301 Blown Film formulation
  • HL-302 Extrusion/Sheet formulation
  • HL-303 Injection mold series
  • HL-304 Foaming grade


PSM Sheet Material

  • HL-201 Plate and Sheet Material



Final Product

  • Trays
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Hangers
  • Golf tees
  • Packing foam
  • Tooth brushes
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