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Transforming Ready-to-Eat Meals: A Success Story with Teinnovations

At Teinnovations, we specialize in bringing cutting-edge packaging solutions to life. We take pride in solving even the most difficult packaging challenges with creative solutions generated from decades of combined experience in the packaging industry. In this article, we’ll share a success story that highlights how Teinnovations revolutionized the packaging used by a partner company specializing in ready-to-eat (RTE) home delivery meals, and how those innovations went on to drive unprecedented growth. 

The Vendor’s Recommendation

Our journey of transformation began when a valued vendor introduced the Teinnovations team to a company that specialized in RTE home delivery meals. The vendor, who was already supplying products to the customer, observed sealing issues that were affecting the quality of their ready-to-eat meals. Recognizing the need for expertise, the vendor recommended Teinnovations as the go-to partner for advanced packaging solutions.

Understanding the Customer’s Challenges

Upon visiting the customer and thoroughly analyzing their process, we identified the root causes of their extremely high failure rate. It became evident that the existing seal strength was inadequate, and the customer required the perfect balance between security and convenience with a peelable product.

The Quest for the Perfect Seal

To address the sealing challenge, our team of experts at Teinnovations embarked on a mission to find the ideal solution. We collaborated closely with the customer to gain insights into their unique requirements and preferences.

Teinnovations’ ES Film: A Game-Changer

After extensive research and testing, we presented the customer with our groundbreaking ES film. This innovative packaging solution offered the perfect combination of seal strength and peelability, precisely what the customer needed to ensure product integrity for their ready-to-eat meals during transportation, storage, and delivery.

The Remarkable Results

The implementation of Teinnovations’ ES film proved to be a game-changer for the customer. The failure rate, once as high as 25%, plummeted to an astonishing rate of under 1%. With newfound confidence in their packaging, the customer’s volume of orders more than doubled since their conversion to our film.

A Flourishing Partnership

Impressed with the outstanding results and exceptional support from Teinnovations, the customer chose to continue the partnership. Teinnovations became a trusted ally, continually providing new and innovative technologies that aligned with the customer’s short and long-term strategic initiatives.

Innovative Technologies for the Future

As the industry continues to evolve, Teinnovations remains at the forefront of developing cutting-edge packaging solutions. Our commitment to research and development ensures that we keep delivering solutions that exceed customer expectations and adapt to emerging market trends.


Teinnovations’ partnership with the company specializing in ready-to-eat meals exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in transforming businesses. By providing the perfect seal with our ES film, we not only improved the quality of the customer’s product, but also helped them thrive in the competitive RTE home delivery meals market.

To learn more about how Teinnovations can do the same for your business, stop by our booth at Pack Expo 2023 in Las Vegas! You’ll see our latest packaging innovations firsthand and discover how our custom packaging solutions can help your product reach its full potential. At Teinnovations, we turn your most challenging packaging problems into opportunities for growth, making your packaging work for you.

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